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Our Work
Why Fly A Haitian Kite? For one thing, flying a kite is fun. In addition to having fun, it's a way to remember and honor the 250,000 plus Haiti earthquake victims; to create immediate jobs for artists; to bring the Haitian Diaspora and Friends of Haiti together as one; and to raise needed funds for Kylti's cultural and arts projects meant to help Haiti rebuild. Learn more

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Our Work
First Annual Fly A Haitian Kite Day - August 29, 2010

Haitian Flag KiteJoin Kylti on August 29, 2010, for its First Annual "Fly A Haitian Kite Day" event in solidarity with the Haitian people (see locations here). At exactly 4:53 pm, people gathered from around the world will fly their Haitian kites high in the sky to remember and honor the earthquake victims. This annual event will celebrate the rising of Haiti and the Haitian people from the rubbles of this terrible disaster.


The Kylti Kite (project) is a metaphor for Haiti's rising
From the rubble of its trouble
To a future that's creative and quite imaginable
Forging its own Aesthetic and Cultural Identity
In ways that are tangible
With the help of the human family

Through all the arts as its rightful destiny



Choose Your Haitian Kite


Event Details


Fly a Haitian kite in solidarity with the people of Haiti. All kites will be made in Haiti, and money raised will further Kylti’s arts and cultural projects in Haiti and internationally.


August 29, 2010, 4:53 pm (Haiti earthquake time)


Community Parks


Maryland, New York and Massachusetts:

For gathering site locations, please visit our companion Web site at:


Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Kylti will partner with local businesses to sponsor kites for kids to fly with the rest of the world.


The Caribbean and The World

Kylti calls on all corporations, institutions, groups, family, friends, and individuals to join Kylti to fly a kite in support of Haiti, the Haitian people, and to remember the earthquake victims.


  1. To remember and honor the 250,000+ Haiti earthquake victims;
  2. Create jobs for artists in Haiti (this project will provide about 150 jobs);
  3. Bring the Haitian Diaspora and Friends of Haiti together as one; and
  4. To raise funds for Kylti’s cultural and arts projects.

Why Fly A Haitian Kite?

Fly a Haitian kite:

  • For The Haiti Earthquake Victims
  • For Hope
  • For Peace
  • For Change
  • For Friendship
  • For Unity
  • For A Brighter Future
  • For Our Children
  • For Education
  • For Health
  • For Love
  • For Inspiration
  • And... To have fun with family and friends

Flying A Haitian Kite not only serves to remember the victims of the earthquake, but to symbolize Haiti as a country that will rise from the rubble and its history of political, economic, and social turmoil stronger than ever.

Flying a kite brings a smile to anyone who has ever flown one. This simple activity of flying a kite in the air has a therapeutic effect. The person is lost in the moment and experiences great pleasure and happiness.


A kite to Haitians, and many others around the world, represent joy, leisure, family, tradition, and art. It is part of Haiti’s culture that has lost its luster, beauty, and its power to bring people together. It is a tradition that Kylti wishes to revive and bring forth the wonderful memories flying a kite created for those who remember Haiti in its glorious days. In addition to bringing back the memories of days past, kite flying is exciting, fun, and it is culture experienced in a simple activity and form. More importantly, flying a Haitian kite will help bring the Haitian Diaspora and Friends of Haiti together (adults, kids, families) and unite them.

Video and Photo Documentation:

A short documentary of the project will be created from start to finish. It will show the process involved in making a Haitian kite, its production, distribution, and the simultaneous flying of the kites in several cities.


No doubt that the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010, was the biggest natural disaster of all times for this impoverished country. In less than one minute, it took the lives of more than 250,000 people, and injured hundreds of thousands. Over a million Haitians lost their homes, thousands of kids are unable to attend school because they were destroyed in the earthquake.


In this tragic time for Haiti, the world came together and showed its humanity.


Haitians through this unconceivable lost of lives, property, and livelihood remain hopeful, resilient, strong, and dignified.


The Fly A Haitian Kite Day is a symbol of this humanity, courage, and unity.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Corporations, foundations, organizations, and individuals wanting to partner with Kylti may contact us for a sponsorship packet.