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Our Work
Take Action Now! Do not wait; time will never be "just right". Start where you stand and work with whatever tool you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. -- Napoleon Hill

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Our Work
Kylti Projects

Kylti has identified several projects to address the arts and cultural needs of Haiti, and to express the country's cultural richness with the world. To help us make a real difference in Haiti, please consider donating to Kylti.

Proposed Projects include the following:

Kylti HEARTS (Haitian Endownment for the Arts)

Develop the Kylti Haitian Endowment for the Arts (HEARTS) to provide funding and support to Haitian artists and arts organizations.

Kylti Exchange

Create a content-rich online resource of arts and cultural information. The Kylti Exchange is a center to link ideas, actors, and initiatives. It will help build internal and external capacity to support the cultural and artistic infrastructure of Haiti; develop plans and programs for cultural and arts institutions; and develop needed resources to sustain cultural and artistic productions.

Kylti Arts Research Center

The Kylti Arts Research Center will be the center of research for the arts and will inform cultural policy. The Center will produce reports on Haiti's arts industry and its impact on the economy.

Kylti Technology Initiative

Embrace technology for wider exposure and positioning.

Kylti Advocacy

Our advocacy programs will push for arts policy changes, support intellectual laws to protect artists and inventors, and lift tariffs on imports and exports. Kylti will build awareness and educate decision makers on the importance of culture and the arts; will strengthen public and private partnerships in support of the arts; and keep policymakers informed of the issues affecting the cultural community.

Kylti Artists Network

Kylti works with artists in Haiti and in the Haitian Diaspora to promote and create a market for their work. We work with artisans in the craft sector and ensure artitsts receive true fair trade value for their creations. Kylti will work with policymakers to develop social and environmental standards for the industry.

Kylti Preservation and Public Art Program