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Why Fly A Haitian Kite?For one thing, flying a kite is fun. In addition to having fun, it's a way to remember and honor the 250,000 plus Haiti earthquake victims; to create immediate jobs for artists; to bring the Haitian Diaspora and Friends of Haiti together as one; and to raise needed funds for Kylti's cultural and arts projects meant to help Haiti rebuild. Learn more

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The following links are provided solely for your convenience and reference. The links include organizations of interest doing work relating to arts and culture, development, and other Haiti efforts. Kylti does not necessarily endorse the views or content expressed in any of these links.


Alice Smeets - Photographer

Alice is a young freelance photographer based in Belgium, but frequently travels to Haiti. We are thankful of Alice for allowing Kylti to use three of her images on this Web site. The full images can be seen in our photo gallery, with many more on her Web site. Alice's blog has several stories about her trips to Haiti.


La Troupe Makandal, Inc.

La Troupe Makandal captures the power of Haitian drumming to represent the spirit of Haiti's history and culture in theaters and schools. Most of the company's repertory derives from Vodou, the vibrant spirituality that African ancestors carried to Haiti. The repertory includes, as well, the music and dance of springtime festivals, work, and play. Under the direction of Master Drummer Frisner Augustin, La Troupe Makandal educates, entertains, and heals racial and cultural divisions—generating dynamic experiences one does not soon forget.


Haitian Art Society

The Society was formed in 2003 to strengthen and expand interest in and understanding of Haitian Art and Artists.


Ciné Institute

Ciné Institute provides Haitian youth with film education and edutainment, technical training, and media related micro enterprise opportunities. They integrate educational film screenings into classrooms of public schools, train aspiring filmmakers in all aspects of production, and develop and produce films of all kinds in partnership with their students and graduates. The Institute also promotes excellence in Haitian cinema domestically and abroad and holds weekly entertainment screenings of films from around the world at its theater.


Art Creation Foundation for Children

Art Creation Foundation for Children is a non-profit arts organization created for education and personal growth of children in need in Jacmel, Haiti.


Haitian American Historical Society
*Responsible for the creation of the Haitian Monument Statue in Franklin Square (Georgia) commemorating the Haitian soldiers who fought at the Siege of Savannah (1779). HAHS is dedicated to fully investigate any past instances where Haitian contributions have been identified. The organization seeks to establish truth and accuracy in historical events pertaining to Haitians and those of Haitian descent.


Haitian Heritage Museum
The Haitian Heritage Museum is a not for profit organization that is committed to highlighting and preserving Haiti’s rich culture and heritage locally, nationally and internationally. Its goal is to provide a cultural Mecca in Little Haiti where individuals can come to enjoy beautiful Haitian art, historic artifacts, ethnic sounds of Haitian music, view Haitian films and enjoy a collection of Haitian literary works.


Cultural Equity

The Association for Cultural Equity's mission is to facilitate cultural equity, the right of every culture to express and develop its distinctive heritage. Cultural equity is the end result of collecting, archiving, repatriating, and revitalizing the full range and diversity of the expressive traditions of the world's people — stories, music, dance, cooking, costume.


Belo (Jean belony Murat)

Born in Haiti in 1979, BélO is a young author, composer, guitarist and singer, winner of numerous awards. His musical style, known as "Ragganga," combines Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Worldbeat and "Rara" traditional Vodou rhythms. He sings in his rich and colorful native language, Haitian Creole.



Repiblik is a social media project documenting the present efforts of Haitians at home and abroad who defiantly choose to fight for the future of their country. Their stories of life, love, and patriotism are intermingled with a mélange of portraits of the Haitian people who tell the stories of Haiti's past, present, and future.


Haiti en Folie

Haiti en Floie has the mission to inform people about Haiti in all its diversity, its splendor and cultural richness featuring film, dance, music, theater, art and cuisine of this country. It is the only event that mixes all kinds of cultural Haiti.


Haiti Cultural Exchange

Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to develop, present and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people. We seek to raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding and appreciation through programs in the arts, education and public affairs.


L'Athlétique d'Haïti

L’Athlétique d’Haïti is a youth development program that provides underprivileged youth with a safe, clean, supportive environment where they can learn firsthand how the discipline of sports and the structure of teamwork can enhance skills, enrich lives, and change futures.


Haitian Sports Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Haitian athletes in the Diaspora and sport activities in Haiti.


Hollywood Unites for Haiti

Hollywood Unites for Haiti is a non profit organization whose mission is to promote sports and cultural activities for the underprivileged youth of Haiti.