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About Kylti
Why Fly A Haitian Kite? For one thing, flying a kite is fun. In addition to having fun, Kylti's goals for this event are:
1. To remember and honor the 250,000 plus Haiti earthquake victims; 2. To create immediate jobs for artists; 3. To bring the Haitian Diaspora and Friends of Haiti together as one; and 4. To raise needed funds for Kylti's cultural and arts projects.

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About Us
Financial Accountability

At Kylti, we recognize that our success depends on the trust and confidence the community has regarding the way we manage the resources in our care. To create a culture of transparency, we will update our Web site with quarterly financial reports.


Our principle is based on ensuring that resources are distributed optimally, and that programs are carefully monitored and reviewed to achieve their stated goals and objectives. Our commitment will always be to serve the targeted groups impacted by our initiaties, and the people who support us.


If you would like to be notified when the financial reports are posted on our Web site, please join our mailing list.